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So you've bought some stuff. Now what?
First of all, Thanks!

Now you're going to want to go and sub to the telegram channel and check out the blog.  Telegram is something I use professionally and personally and it's where I post updates first.


If your order contained the word 'preorder', please remain seated and be patient.  The race has begun on my end of things to try and get everything made, packed, and shipped out to you before you forget that it's a preorder and send me an email full of BIG feelings.

Please use this page for customer support

Please help me by including your order number for me to reference.  Many times fellas will email me with their big feelings asking where their stuff is. 100% of those times their email address was flubbed at checkout.  If you need your address corrected or updated, I would be happy to do that.

Pre orders take 3-5 weeks on average, excluding the time to travel to you.  It takes this long because blanks are bought and sent to a printer, we wait our time in the queue, and then we get the shirts.  Sometimes acts of USPS occur and orders are lost/damaged. It's a harsh reality of shipping. No one is more impatient than I am about getting your stuff out to you.  If your tracking hasn't moved past 'Label has been created' then use that Contact Us page and I will get you squared away immediately.

Q: Why don't you just make a bunch and keep inventory?
A:I don't want to. We make as much stuff as people want and then we move onto other stuff.  Sometimes we throw the extras up on the site but usually we throw them in random orders.  

Q: Will you split my orders?
A. No. 

Q: Why not?
A: I don't want to. 

Q: Why don't you do customer service in DMs?
A: It's not viable and not fair to you. Between emails with BIG feelings and correcting customer info, packing/shipping stuff/, there is not enough time in the day and your DM will be lost the moment the next hundred people send a message. If you use the contact page you will 100% get a response.  

Use this instead of sending a DM

Q: Is it true that you'll cancel my order if I bug you?
A: That sounds like something an asshole would ask